the Rihanna blanket

You know that crochet has gone interstellar when Rihanna's got a granny square blanket in one of her videos. I mean who cares that RiRi is dancing around with her boobs out or that Drake is trying his best not to giggle at her bum waggling in his direction, there's a crocheted blanket on display, a really cool one too, crochet has made it my friends.

The video is the second video for her latest single "work" (they run one after the other so you can't miss it) and it is frigging awesome (the video and the blanket). So shut the front door, get out your crochet hook and make like Rihanna.

Of course I saw it and immediately had to make one, it was either that or her string dress from the first video! Do you do this too? Screenshot from videos, movies and television shows that have crochet in them? I've got screenshots from Mad Men, Breaking Bad and a whole ton of other cool shows because only the best telly has crochet blankets on set.

The best bit about this one is the wild colour scheme. It's so refreshing to use colours that I normally wouldn't (neons and black anyone?). To be honest it is a little bit difficult to make out the exact colours in the video because there is a pink tint that distorts everything but I'm pretty sure it's made up of pinks, yellows, oranges and black with a white overall border.

The design of Rihanna's blanket is a fairly simple granny square, the original and the best, with a lovely feature of having two rounds of each colour instead of the usual one. The pattern tutorial is below and includes a how-to for joining your granny squares as you go - my favourite way to make up a blanket and super quick too. What are you waiting for then, video below, happy crocheting YO!

Happy crocheting YO! (especially if you are Rihanna)