a vintage flower pattern

Not normally one to be inspired by nature, which is weird because I'm a real forest dweller in my other life (dog walker, child minder, poo picker upper!), but I've had a bit of lightbulb moment on the subject this last week which led me to this spectacular vintage beauty.

Whilst I love the natural world I never usually make a connection between it and crochet, I don't think my brain works that way (I will be doing a post on what way my brain does actually work very soon in case you were wondering). So when I picked up these spectacular tulips last week I was unaware of the effect they'd be having on me. All week I couldn't take my eyes of them and I could hear the pretty pink and yellow petals whispering 'pick up your hook woman, go on, do it, we need to live on forever in yarn' and so before they reached their floppy death throe end, I heeded the whispers and got all caught up in their pink/yellow/green vibe, which I have to say is a rare treat and also a bit of a joy.

This pattern is not mine, it is a vintage Pam Dawson (my hero) pattern from her Golden Hands series and I had no idea it would look quite this awesome because Pam makes hers (for a 1970s shawl) all in cream - which looks lovely but you can't quite get an idea of the detail in this square when it's constructed all in one colour. So it was a surprise that this is how it turned out and a surprise that these colours worked so well together - the yarn I am using is Artesano Pure Alpaca dk in the shades Sweet Pea (pink), Ecuador (yellow) and Brazil (green).

If you'd like to make one (or some, or loads), the video tutorial is here and is full of the customary jibber jabber as well as plenty of home life intrusions such as Betsy banging on the glass doors to be let in from the garden and Darren telling her to stop touching the lawn mower! Keeping it real folks.  Enjoy and don't forget to share your completed squares with me on instagram.

Happy crocheting YO!