pretty easy spring coasters

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all happy and full of the joys of spring and if you ain't well you sure will be by the end of this blog post because I am ON IT with the spring vibes.

I have flowers in my garden, salad on my plate and I've already given myself a horrible dose of hayfever by insisting on having a flowering cherry blossom tree in the house as an Easter decoration (I had stupid for breakfast that day for reals). I love the springtime, feeling the first warmish rays of sun on my skin, the lighter evenings, colour coming back in our lives, pure joy.

And so with the happy vibes flowing, the idea for these pretty easy spring coasters came to mind. I wanted to make something super easy but lovely and colourful too, something that would make a nice gift, something that would be a good transition projects for beginners to crochet; a really simple coaster with a slightly more challenging picot border.

Here is the pattern and video tutorial, hope you love it.

Happy crocheting YO!