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what the crochet?

Potter & Bloom began life as a blog, a sort-of crochet blog but with a lot of idle and (often) unnecessarily combative feminist chit-chat too.

Over time my love of blastingly bright colour and crochet has taken over my world (and indeed my house). I'm now a freelance crochet designer, podcaster and the head honcho of the #crochetgirlgang movement! My designs can be seen in major UK crochet magazines and websites, which never fails to make me smile and I make OMG hilariously funny youtube video tutorials in order to get the whole world hooking. 

If you're here, then you probably fancy getting fancy with a crochet hook and that means you're in exactly the right place. Browse the shop, watch a video tutorial and have a go (it's easy, I promise), make something using one of my free patterns or just read the blog, cos it's great yo! 

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