make an easy granny scarf (with pom pom edging too!)

This granny scarf, which, by the way, I haven't stopped wearing, was another one of those crochet conversions that I'm so fond of. I love the fact that if you make one crochet thing and it looks a bit rubbish then you can usually turn it into something else, well that's what I do anyway.

So this scarf began life as the boob-defying vintage granny stripe halterneck that I made last year and couldn't wear because of, well, boobs. Quite annoying really.

There was no way I was going to shove granny in a box and forget about her so I decided to remove all the halterneck edging (the ties etc ) and carry on with the granny stripes until I got to a good size for scarf wearing. I just continued using random scrap yarn, nothing fancy and tried to keep the colours as clashy and vintage-looking as possible.

When I felt she was a good size (although to be honest I could easily have carried on), I added pom pom edging (all the rage, rather lovely) and the rest is history. Do you fancy making one for yo self?? It's really super easy and the wonderful pom pom edging has a video tutorial too!

Using a 4mm and your first colour ch6 and join with a ss to form a loop.

Row 1.  ch5, 3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 2ch, 1tr into loop. Break off yarn.

Row 2. Join your next colour to the 3rd of the 5ch that started the first row. ch5, 3tr into same space, ch1, (3tr, 3ch, 3tr) into next space, ch1, 3tr, ch2, 1tr into last space. Break off yarn.

Row 3. Join your next colour to the 3rd of the 5ch from the previous row, ch5, 3tr into same space, ch1, 3tr into next space, ch1, (3tr, 3ch, 3tr) in central space, ch1, 3tr into next space, ch1, 3tr, ch2, 1tr into last space. Break off yarn.

Repeat Row 3, changing colour every row, until you reach your desired length.

Join pom pom edging colour to one end - I only pom pom along the two angled edges


Work a four treble cluster in the 4th st from the hook (*yrh, into st, pull up loop, yrh and through the first two loops on the hook, repeat from * a further three times, yrh and through all five loops on hook), ch3, work another four treble cluster into the top of the first four treble cluster and when you've finished fold the top one over the bottom one and join with a ss. Ch3 and ss into the next space.

Repeat this all along both edges and watch the video if this does not make any sense at all. Cripes!

Make it now and be the most stylish chick in town! Yo! And don't forget to share your finished granny shawls with me on instagram, facebook (which I don't use very much but sometimes make a jolly attempt at) and snapchat (my new favourite, come join me for the ride).

ps. had to post today because 29th February and all that awesome shiz.