I'm so fancy


Well. I can hardly speak because I'm so in love with this jacket, it is the single most amazing crocheted thing I have ever seen. Yep. Seriously. I MEAN IT. I even I told my face?

For added excitement, it is now mine. Which is beyond belief really because this jacket is straight outta the best crochet book ever, Learn to Crochet, Love to Crochet and when I say straight outta I mean this is the actual kimono jacket from the book. Uh huh. Oh yeah. Anna Wilkinson, the author, designer and my (modern) crochet hero, had a sample sale of the items from the book and I snagged this beauty, because, well, it was made to be mine.

I love the use of clashy, bright colour, I love the spike stitch pattern, the yellow, the bobbles, the yarn. It is truly one amazing work of art and an important piece of crochet history. I'm gonna look after this woolly baby.

Bit gutted that I didn't make it, you know when you wish you had been brilliant enough to do something yourself (cue sad face and much annoying sniffing). Only time for a teensy pity party though because this item has a purpose now. It's the one, the object of my crochet aspiration. This is how good I want to be and this jacket is going to be the shiny, bright example that I'm going to hold myself to from now on. I want to be bolder, brighter and much, much better and bloody hell I'm going to have so much fun doing it, that's for sure. Plus probably a bit annoying, I foresee much ripping out of 'boring' crochet designs!

If you want a copy of Anna's book (so you can be even more well jell that this jacket is mine), you can get it here and the yarn Anna used can be found here.

Happy crocheting yo!