how to crochet a mini granny heart

I was sent some gorgeous MillaMia yarn  to try out and couldn't resist making something special for Valentine's Day.

I seem to be terribly invested in making granny everything so of course I made these mini hearts in the granny style, cos even grannies gotta get some Valentine's love yo!

The pattern is super quick and easy, and blimey, video tutorials really do make life so much easier even if it does seem like I have a cold in every one!

For those of you not keen on listening to my dulcet tones (are you mad?), the written pattern is below:



row 1. 3tr in 4th ch from hook, ch1, miss 1ch, (3tr, 2ch, 3tr) in next ch, ch1, miss 1ch, 3tr in last ch, turn.

row 2. ch4, 3tr in next space, ch1, (3tr, 2ch, 3tr) in middle space, ch1, 3tr in next space, ch1, 1tr in top of turning ch, turn.

row 3. ch3, 2tr in same space, ch1, 3tr in next space, ch1, (3tr, 2ch, 3tr), ch1, 3tr in next space, ch1, 3tr in final space.

Break off yarn. TA FREAKING DA!

Happy Valentine's Day, lovely people.