how to make a yarn tassel garland

Is it tassel or tassle? Tassel looks funny in my eyeballs but apparently it's the correct way to spell out these gorgeous things and I'm having a tassel moment right now, can't get enough of them. I've got tassels coming straight outta everywhere yo!

I wanted a tassel garland for a workshop event and I was searching everywhere (well, Etsy) for a colour palette that made me happy but was getting nowhere fast (and lawd do I ever have to do everything at 100mph). Then I realised I didn't need no paper garland, nope, I could just make a yarn one instead. Hurrah for lightbulb moments. Thank you universe for sending me that one.

Thus ensued an awesome few days of stringing twine up round the dining room and office, making everyone duck down to walk through the dining room or office and attaching these super little guys, one by bleeding one, to the twine to make something incredible. Then I trimmed them, tidied them up and then I glued them, I was a #tasselboss and it worked, how awesome is this garland? I love it more than Christmas and to share that love with you I even made a video to show you how to make one for yoself.

Do it. So satisfyingly quick and easy. Happy tasseling folks.

I used Caron Simply Soft to make my tassels. It's very hardwearing yarn, tons of great colours and aran weight which is perfect for tassels. You can buy it here (UK and US) and the colours I used are: Neon Pink, Soft Green, Neon Yellow, Light Country Peach, Neon Coral and Cool Green.