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It started with some frills, got swished about with a big dollop of cream and then got a healthy dose of gold bling thrown in for good measure. This is where the inspiration for my 2019 designs is coming from.

I think the frills started with Villanelle.

Villanelle in that goddam beautiful pink frilly dress.

Molly Goddard Pink Tulle Dress from Killing Eve

Molly Goddard Pink Tulle Dress from Killing Eve

From the instant I saw her in this dress, I wanted frills in my life.

Stacks of pink and frills and ruffles.

Lord, I wanted frills so bad that I instantly designed something frilly (this has never happened before), and simultaneously started filling the house up with frilled things. We now have frilly cushion covers, frilly tea towels and a beautiful frill edged bedspread. Crikey, 2019 is a total frill-fest.


Then came the cream and gold thread. I had used some gold in my 2018 cream summer top, pattern is a much altered Rua from Rowan and yes I seem to make one cream crocheted summer top every year, this has become a bit of a thing.


I really liked the way the gold looked with the cream and so started using it a bit more and with different colours, then I figured I should just bloody well put gold into everything, especially because it looks bloody marvellous with pink you know, just check out this knit by Caroline Evers.

by Caroline Evers @carolienevers

by Caroline Evers @carolienevers

And so you see that blush pink is everywhere in my life at the moment, blush pink, frills and ruffles and bloody gorgeous gold thread, what else could a girl need?