bon bon baby blanket

bon bon baby blanket.jpg

So Betsy's new blanket is finished, and right on time given that I started making it last year with a view to giving it Betsy when she moved from cot to bed. Et voila, she moves from cot to bed and I finish her blanket - life is full of awesome synchronicity yo!

Finally I can offer you the pattern to buy from here.

The yarn I used is Rooster Almerino DK. It is gorgeous, that is all you need to know. I used two balls of the following shades Custard (yellow), Glace (baby blue) and Strawberry Cream (pink) for the bon bon squares and Cornish for the cream borders and the edging. 

bon bon in the sky.jpg

I wanted the blanket to be 7 x 8 squares with an irregular number of different colours so I ended up with one cream, seventeen yellow, seventeen blue and twenty one pink. You can make your blanket as small or big as you like and have as many different colours as you like. Check this post If you want to see how I decided on the final colour configuration, needless to say it took ages, lots of photos, lots of patience and many (way too many) different options were tried and discarded.


close up squares.jpg