hazelnutty pixie hat | crochet pattern

pretty hat 1.jpg

And so it is, life goes full circle on my ass.

Once more (this is the third time), I've been gently and happily pulled back into the Etsy orbit. My shop again laden (I say laden, I actually mean there are three things in it) with crochet goodness only this time just patterns, a whole host of new, 1970s inspired, baby/toddler patterns.

pixie in a pixie hat.jpg

I say just patterns but what I mean is bloody hell... PATTERNS!  A whole new world of hard work to put together, especially because I have a tendency to make stuff and not write the pattern down as I go along (such a dick), but so much easier as a saleable item. Given my toddler-led lifestyle, and by this I mean in my current role as Betsy's slave, I would not/never have the time to crochet actual items to order and so this lets me fulfil my need to make stuff/sell stuff and generally have an excuse to crochet more without the stress of deadlines.  

My first pattern is this, my most favourite retro hat style (I'm a toddler wearing a woolly helmet, yo!), re-worked and freshly designed for the most awesome pixies of today's era because I think our 2015 pixies deserve to look this good too don't they?

hazelnutty pixie hat.jpg

The Hazelnutty Pixie Hat pattern is available to buy for £1.50 (plus VAT) from Etsy from today as an instant digital download so if you fancy a quick hook with just one ball of yarn, head on over to the shop right now and have yourself some happy hook time.