a blanket of bon bons for betsy

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Last year we watched this great Swedish drama called Crimes of Passion. Very sixties noir, very Scandi, very sleek, a bit Miss Marple does Mad Men but a joy to watch all the same, the best bit being in every episode there was a stunning crochet blanket. Every single episode, always strategically placed, just begging for my attention, oh my.

One of them was a gorgeous solid granny square blanket, it was all stylish, muted tones of beige, black and white, simplicity and style hooked together to make me dream, unrealistically, of minimalist living (I love stuff too much).

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one and since I was already preparing for the creation of a new blanket for Betsy to celebrate her move from cot to bed, I realised I could put it off no longer, the search was over.

So I started making the solid squares using my favourite pastel colours with no final design in mind, just knowing that I wanted it to be six squares by seven with cream as the joining colour.

Hence I ended up on Sunday morning with a big pile of pastel granny squares doing this.

bon bon non non.jpg


bon bon non non2.jpg

Nopey nope.

bon bon non non3.jpg

Wavering with the nope now.

To stay true to the original inspiration I have gone with something sleek and simple, as sleek and simple as pastel pink, blue and yellow can get anyway. I'm currently sewing it all together, sewing in ends and thinking about a suitably stylish border, mind-numbingly dull but seeing as the side of Betsy's cot came down last week, no pressure! 

I hope Puck and her gang of sixties swedish sleuths will be proud. 

edit November 2015: this pattern can be purchased here.

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