the rebecca scarf

image copyright Inside Crochet

image copyright Inside Crochet

Hey there pretty lady, whatcha doing?

Oh nothing much, just lounging on a bed, looking dreamily off into space whilst wearing this delightful crocheted scarf and wondering who could have made such a charming, and very long, creation.

It was me, it was me, it was actual ME!!

Yes, if you had said to me three years ago that I would have a pattern featured in Inside Crochet magazine I would've laughed in your face and probably used a few choice swear words. Funny how things change, funny and wonderful too. I'm convinced this burst of woolly creativity I'm experiencing is born from last year's yarn amnesty. Not buying wool for a whole year does funny things to a crochet addicted person.

rebecca scarf inside crochet.jpg

I had seen a couple of long, colour blocked scarves doing the rounds and knew I wanted to make one indeed I really sort of had to make one because I was woolly scarf-less (amazingly enough given the amount of wool that lives in this house!). The stitch patterns I'd seen weren't quite what I was thinking of so instead of hunting for an alternative pattern, I made one up myself. I knew I wanted a variation on the crosshatch stitch so that's what I did. I bought some gorgeous colour cashmerino aran yarn and a couple of nights hooking later I was fabulously ensconced in my new scarf.

Inside Crochet Rebecca.jpg

I figured that it was so beautiful I might have a chance of getting into my favourite magazine and so I emailed the editor (lovely Claire Montgomerie) and voila, she loved it. Claire is also the stylist for Inside Crochet photo shoots and I think she made my lovely Rebecca look totally chic and gorgeous and very 1970s cool - just what this particular seventies chick loves.

My scarf pattern is in the current issue of Inside Crochet (Issue 65) so get yours soon before it sells out.

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