banana custard

banana custard pixie hat.jpg

Me and pixie hats forevs.

I can't get enough of the pointy little buggers, anything to make Betsy look like an elf seems to be for the win at the minute. I'm not entirely sure she is so keen.

We are now in the full flow of summer holidays. Summer my arse. It's been so cold this past week that Betsy should really have been wearing her banana custard pixie hat to bed! We had to panic buy her a massive tog duvet because the summer one she had on her bed was like a sheet. All last week she was coming in our room in the night and saying she was cold, can't turn away a cold child, so in she climbs, all icy feet and doofs on the head/jabs in the ribs. We lasted two nights and then we cracked, buy. duvet. now!

We are having a fun summer so far though, the trick is to have something planned for every day even if it's just popping to the garden centre for a cup of tea, she loves that shiz, mainly because of the giant soft play area in the cafeteria. I love that shiz, mainly because of the giant soft play area in the cafeteria but also because of the free wifi and cakes. We are a happy pair.


Work has gone into slow-mode, planning and prepping for autumn/winter launches at the moment which is a bit weird. I'm surrounded by woolly scarves, cowls, blankets and hats which is handy for keeping me warm. I've got a couple of summer things left to finish off and list, this banana custard pixie hat is one of them, now for sale in my etsy shop.

I'm doing the August Break again this year, a photo challenge with lovely Susannah. Every year I think I won't do another and then I get convinced, it's a good thing to be convinced. Join me on Instagram to see if I make it to the end of the month without cracking under the pressure of finding something to photograph that is smooth, art or a talisman (yikes).

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