august break 2014

Not that I need an excuse to be a lazy bitch but I've got one now thanks to gorgeous Susannah.

I heard about the august break last year but was too late to take part, needless to say I love the idea, how divine to have a summer holiday from blogging, a chance to recharge, rethink and maybe get started on some new projects.

I'm already imagining the excitement of getting back to it again in September, be like getting ready to go back to school, always my most favourite time of the year. Any excuse for a new pencil case is good for me but I'm getting ahead of myself here, we've still got the long, happy month of august to go and this summer already feels never-ending, just brilliant.

So I won't be writing anything in august however I will be taking part in the photo challenge on instagram and perhaps posting the pictures here if they're not too shit.

I've never done a photo challenge before, I see them all the time and often have a wild few seconds of thinking I'd like to join in but I'm way to inconsistent to even attempt it, and lazy. Should be interesting to see if I manage this.

Happy august everyone, enjoy the summer, summer, summertime, let's just sit back and unwind.