a crochet pinafore

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So my Etsy shop is now up and running and I've already had my first sales, it's so great to be part of that awesome community of makers and to have an outlet for all the patterns that are tumbling out of me at the moment. The stack of finished items is piling up (in my newly decluttered house too!), and I'm having to plan my time a bit better to make sure that I get the patterns written up and looking nice whilst resisting the urge to move on to the next thing (so fickle).

This pinafore dress was a challenge. I have never designed an item of clothing before and it was a (long) journey with many twists, tales, tears, joy and fuck it moments! Especially when it came to sizing, because I wanted to offer it in three different sizes but only decided this once I had finished (typical), I ended up making the two other sized pinafores up to a certain point so I could be sure of numbers and decrease placement - completely bonkers. Never again.

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Inspired by the 1970s (but of course), I wanted something that would look retro and different but still cute and wearable. The pattern has a retro construction too, front and back crocheted in two separate pieces, which is easy up to the point you have to sew up the seams! However, I like the retro style and I think it works well with this pinny.

Betsy loves it, she's worn it loads of times but is reluctant to be photographed in it. I have to follow her around like the toddler paparazzi whilst she glares at me like I'm an idiot (fair enough). It's washed and still looking brilliant, I think the Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn I used is the most perfect baby yarn if you can get past the fact it is nylon and acrylic, so soft, so washable, so sounding like an advert right now.

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And the best bit is the edging. Taken from the brilliantly named Betty Barnden's book Handbook of Crochet Stitches, it is called Spray Edging and made using a Spike Cluster (sounds like a medieval weapon), so cool, so fun (and by fun I mean different) to work and I think it makes Betsy's pinafore look a bit incredible.

kelly pinafore.jpg

Betsy's pinafore is called the Kelly Pinafore Dress in homage to the lovely kelly green colour used and the pattern, which I rate as intermediate to difficult, is available to buy on Etsy right now.

All Potter & Bloom readers can get 10% off the purchase price, of this pinafore and my other patterns too, until the end of June 2015, just type POTTERJUNE15 when you checkout.

Big pinaforey love yo!

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