peony bonnet

I am slightly obsessed with peonies. I have peony plants in my garden and I start hunting for the first signs of them before winter abandons it's icy clutches on the soil. This year they took ages to come up, being slightly coy about the whole 'I'm the cutest thing this garden has got' thing.

My obsession is so great that I have a favourite. She is called Sarah Bernhardt and she is this delicious shade of baby pink that never fails to make me swoon. Not only do I grow her, I also buy her, she has to be in my house and luckily she's been in all the shops this year showing off and looking gorgeous. The Sarahs I got from Waitrose took over a week to bloom and I had to resort to adding warm water to the vase to chivvy them up, a top tip found on instagram when searching for #peonyproblems (yes I did).

sarah bernhardt peony.jpg

So you can see why the peony bonnet had to be thus named. When I found this light pink shade of pretty (Drops Baby Merino Shade 05), I knew that anything made from it would have to be called peony, or Sarah, or something.

peony bonnet close up.jpg

This particular shade of peony is perfect for babies and toddlers, the girl variety anyway. I'm not entirely sure that baby Boris would appreciate being made to wear such a lovely item, he would look gorge (obviously) but everyone would think he was a girl, not cool for Boris. Meanwhile Betsy even tolerated me putting it on her for photo shoot purposes! The other day she went and found it (in my growing pile of finished stuff) and asked me to put it on her. Me all smiley obliges only for her to go "yuk mummy" and tear it off again. Toddlers, the perfect way to bring you crashing back down to earth from whatever pedestal it is you're sitting on. 

I say tear it off for dramatic effect but the whole scene was a lot more awkward than I make out because the cute strap makes it impossible to remove! The perfect hat for keeping your toddler's head warm because they can't get the bloody thing off, ha! I feel a marketing campaign coming on.

The pattern is available to buy from my Etsy shop and is rather lovely to make, easy stitches, slightly fiddly (but well worth it) picots and using just one ball of yarn - perfect. Go get yours now yo!

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