victorian shells

Another stitch swatch, hurrah. This one is a particular favourite of mine because it's one of the few crochet stitches that has a front and a back and also because it's just a little bit weird!

Plus I love the colour of this Pomegranate Stylecraft Special Aran, it's just so pinky orangey, very unique. 

This is another one of those stitches that really needs a video tutorial but I will write out the pattern for you here anyway. This is another pattern from the vintage book, New Directions in Crochet by Anne Rabun Ough.

Victorian Shells

Chain in multiples of 2 and then add 4.

Row 1. insert hook into third ch from the hook and pull up a loop, do this into the next three chains, yrh and pull through four loops, yrh and pull through the remaining two. *ch1, insert hook into top of shell just worked and pull up a loop, insert hook into last ch worked on previous shell, pull up a loop, insert hook into next two chains and pull up a loop from each, yrh and pull through four loops, yrh and pull through remaining two loops; repeat from * across ending with 1tr in same ch as last 'pull up', turn.

Row 2. ch2, 2dc into each ch1 space across ending with 2dc under turning chain, turn.

Row 3. ch3, work as for Row 1 ending with last 'pull up' and tr in 2nd ch of turning ch and noting that your first 'pull up' is in the 3rd ch of your ch3 (this is very odd but trust me!).

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

If that is all complete mumbo-jumbo (I fear it may be), then just watch the video tutorial, much easier and you can sit down with a cup of tea too.

Happy crocheting YO!