fancy a stitch

Another lovely stitch from me, this one is the ever so Fancy A Stitch and I do love it. I know I say that all the time but isn't crochet amazing??

This works up somewhere in between fabric and lacy, a good option for anything drapey with a nice texture. Blocked, the A stitches look insane!

This pattern is again from New Directions In Crochet by Anne Rabun Ough, love this book, so vintage, so unavailable, so if you see one around make sure you pick it up. The pattern is a little (very) confusing as a written pattern, it took me three attempts and much pondering to get it right so this is definitely one where the video tutorial works out better but give both a try, I'd love to know if the written version makes any sense to anyone :)

Fancy A Stitch Pattern

Work a foundation chain in multiples of 2 then add 5ch.

Row 1. *Yarn round hook (yrh) and into the 5th ch from the hook, pull up a loop (pual), yrh and through 2 loops, skip 1ch, yrh and into the next ch, pual, yrh and through 2 loops on the hook, yrh and through the remaining 3 loops (A Stitch), ch1** starting your next A Stitch in the last leg of the previous A Stitch, repeat from * to * ending with ch1, 1tr in last ch (you will already have worked your last leg of your last A Stitch into this ch so don't worry).

Row 2. *yrh, insert hook into first ch1 sp, pual, yrh and through 2 loops, yrh, insert hook into next ch1 sp, pual, yrh and through 2 loops, yrh and through remaining 3 loops, ch1; repeat from * across always remembering that your first leg will begin in the last leg of the previous A (am I making sense?), ending with last leg under the turning chain, ch1, 1tr in top of turning chain, ch3, turn.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

Now to try and make more sense of this stitch, here is the video tutorial. For information, I'm using Stylecraft Special Aran in the colour Denim and a 5mm Clover Amour crochet hook.

Happy crocheting YO!