how to crochet a very tricky vintage star

I mean, I started this one off innocently enough, and then it slowly turned into a nightmare. What looked like a fairly simple vintage pattern turned into my crochet nemesis and I think this is possibly the worst video (in terms of competence to do my job!) I've ever made.

But if you do fancy try this tricky little bugger out then give it a go, good luck with that!


ch5, join with a ss to form ring.

Round 1. ch1, 12dc into the ring, join with a ss.

Round 2. *ch14, 1dc in next 2dc, repeat from * around.

Round 3. work 9dc into the first 14ch loop, ch3, 9dc, *work 4dc into the next 14ch loop, ss back into the adjacent 5th dc from the previous loop (I know! watch the video), 4dc, 3ch, 9dc, repeat from * to end, on last loop, ss into the 5th dc of the next 14ch loop, this makes working the final stitches a bit tricky but do-able.

If this doesn't make sense then watch me trying to figure it out and you'll realise that you're not alone :)