how to crochet a simple, lacy choker

We are having a 90's moment people, well I think the young kids have been having a 90's moment for a while but recently I've seen so many people on YouTube and Instagram wearing lace chokers and I love it. Always been a fan of the choker even though I don't really have the long, swan-like neck for it.

Also, and most importantly, this time around I can make my own. For this pattern you will need some crochet thread and a 2mm hook.  I used Rico Essentials Thread in Black, you can get that here but for the tutorial part of the video I used some dk weight cotton and a 4mm hook, just so you can see what I'm doing.


Chain in multiples of 4 until you get a tight fit around your neck and then add 9.

Row 1. 1dc into the 9th ch from the hook, *ch5, miss 3ch, 1dc into the next ch; repeat from * to end, ch5, turn.

Row 2. ss into the 3rd ch from the hook, ch3, 1dc in first ch5 gap, *ch5, ss into 3rd ch from the hook, ch3, 1dc in ch5 gap; repeat from * to end. Break off yarn.

Just make sure you leave a long end when you start and when you finish so you can tie your choker on.

I blocked mine because I wanted the picots to really stand out and I highly recommend you doing that too.

Happy crocheting, YO!