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So much change going on around here, so much exciting change. And I know that I'm on the right path because when I made the decision to GO. FOR. IT (yes it came to me in these shouty capital letters), I pulled these two cards, Ace of Cups and Cosmic Union (otherwise known as the World).

Couldn't be better.

The Ace of Cups represents a real blessing to you and is a sign of new beginnings, exciting new projects and good stuff (oh how bloody marvellous). My favourite card slinger Aunty Flo says:

When this card presents itself to you, you will experience the beginning of great love, joy, productivity, fertility and contentment. The Ace of Cups is the bearer of pleasure and happiness. Congratulations!
The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of experiences such as love that transcends the Earth. This easy-going transition will bring you emotional stability, the love of self, which enables you to experience a huge level of fulfilment, romantic love, and love of love. Love, love and more love.

As you can imagine, this card filled me with great joy and combined with Cosmic Union/The World, it blesses me with the guidance and strength of purpose necessary to make some of the steps that I'm planning on making over the next couple of months.

If you watch my YouTube channel, you will probably be aware that since the start of this year I have been recording a monthly untangled podcast which is completely NOT about yarn or crochet or knitting. I started off in January feeling scared and unsure if I was doing the right thing but something gently nudged me towards uploading the video and through gritted teeth I pressed publish.

Now I won't lie, there were no great viewing figures and the January video received more thumbs down than I think I've ever had but some of the comments I had from people completely blew me away.

It seemed to mean something, it seemed to reach into people's souls and say hi. There were people who only watched my yarn podcasts who somehow ended up loving my untangled podcasts and couldn't figure out why. People who dug their tarot cards out of the cupboard, dusted off their crystals and started getting to know them again, people who gave me advice on books, altars, oracle cards and people who just said hi and loved me not talking about yarn for a change. It was awesome.

As the year has gone on it became apparent to me that I was spending more time preparing for the untangled podcasts and delving deeper into all things magical every day. It started to make me wonder if perhaps I should try to do a bit more about it and after mentioning it in April, Untangled, lots of people said YES, GO FOR IT. And so I am.

I am going for it.

The only thing that got in the way was how to fund this change of direction. With crochet and knitting patterns I have a tangible item that I can sell and I have been selling patterns online and to magazines for about four years now. If I want to start podcasting magically more often then I will need a way to make it viable from a business point of view. 

Then I discovered Patreon.

Then I discovered that most podcasters have a Patreon page.

Then I wondered how I didn't know this before.

So today, in conjunction with the May New Moon, I'm launching my Patreon page. Yahoo!

Patreon is much more than I originally perceived, I just thought it was a place you could donate money to your favourite artists etc. But after digging around a bit I discovered that it is a great place to build a community that's not Facebook. It works by allowing people to pay money to a creative on a monthly basis and in return get access to an exclusive community and rewards from that person. There is a community board that is only accessible to patrons and only patrons get to see posts/polls/giveaways from their chosen artist.

Lots of people have multiple tiers on their Patreon page giving different rewards depending on how much money you donate monthly. For me the important thing is creating a community of equals, like-minded lovely ladies who want to expand and grow and be happy, and so I have just one tier that means for $2 per month (about £1.50) everyone can access everything.

As part of the tribe you will get access to my weekly update with magical information about the week; moon cycles, tarot readings, seasonal information, pagan and natural world themes. Plus a more in depth monthly email which will focus more intently on a subject and delve a bit deeper into energetic themes and feelings. As well as these two main posts there will be daily updates, polls, giveaways, exclusive vlogs and a chance for us all to create a tribe and chat amongst ourselves freely knowing that we are all there for the same thing, the same reason. To live as magical a life as possible. 

As well as being part of the community, your contribution will allow me to continuing making and creating great content for the untangled podcast, they will not stop and in fact they will increase in frequency and I'm hoping to make them available as audio files too. They will still be accessible to all, so if Patreon is not your thing, or you don't have the funds to join in then don't worry, you'll still get to watch and read about my untangling here and on my youtube channel and there is no judgement about that, I am more than aware that Patreon is not for everyone.

But if you do want to join in the fun and become part of the untangled community you can visit my patreon page here. Can't wait to see you over there.