may, untangled | 2018

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Roald Dahl.

Well thank goodness for May. I couldn't be happier, brighter or more different to last month! Ha!

I took the opportunity (whilst in good spirits) to have a think about what I really want to do with my life and I realised that it was this (writing and talking and enabling magical chat) so I did something about it! Cripes! I now have the untangled community up and running on Patreon and you can join here. You can also check out my new instagram feed @untangledtribe.

Notes from the Universe

This amazing free daily email service is from Mike Dooley, author of the amazing The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You (outstandingly great book), you can sign up for a daily note from the Universe at and you will love it. I've been getting a daily note from the universe for about two years now and it still makes me smile every day.


My Labradorite ring is in size R - is that ginormous? I don't know but it's lovely anyway.

Labradorite is an excellent stone for awakening, grounding and anchoring yourself in the present moment. It is also used for increasing intuitive and psychic powers.

This is the Crystal book I love - Crystals - The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren AKA @goldirocks on Instagram.

hawthorn blossom.JPG


Some excellent resources to find out more about the magical powers of Hawthorn AKA May.

That's it for this month, if you want to watch the video you can do so by joining the Patreon community here.