june, untangled | 2018

Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid

Oui, Je apprendre a parler francais, et c'est d'accord. This time around (I've tried to learn french a number of times), things seem to be clicking into place, but we shall see how far I've come when we go on holiday soon, I'm loving the Duolingo app though.


Amazing free language learning app, there are others but Duolingo seems to work for me.


Magic Tarot Tea has got my heart and is from Tarn & Moon.

Oracle Cards

Tree Wisdom Cards from Lisa McLoughlin Art on Etsy.

Mystical Websites

www.mysticmamma.com - always check in here every day and follow on instagram too @mysticmamma

www.the-numinous.com - Ruby's website and instagram @the_numinous are both a delight.

www.astrostyle.com - I love the astro twins, they are my favourite astrology girls.

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