april, untangled | 2018

"It's either that or my hormones..."

April showers you say? Wow, did they ever deliver this year. We've had such a wet and wild April but thankfully with Mercury now moving in the right direction again, all seems a bit calmer for May.


Masks by Shel Silverstein

image and words copyright Shel Silverstein

image and words copyright Shel Silverstein

Rumi quote - "Tear off the mask, your face is glorious" from the poem I am born of the sun.

Gill Edwards - my guide, my saviour, my spiritual mother who sadly passed away in 2011 but who I feel is with me every day. Living Magically is my favourite and most read book but she has other books too; Conscious Medicine (very good), Stepping Into The Magic, Life is a Gift, Pure Bliss and Wild Love (the one I mentioned that's an uncomfortable read). You can find out more about Gill's amazing life at www.livingmagically.co.uk.

The April Merkababox is lost somewhere in the mess that is my house right now. Eek!

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