fuchsias are forever

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I am a self-confessed fuchsia fancier.

I have an addiction to the little trumpety things. For a start purple and hot pink never disappoints especially in plant-land, but mainly once a fuchsia gets happy in your garden it becomes the plant that keeps on giving, providing you with flowers long after summer has gone. So when I was dicking about with some purple chunky yarn the other day, I remembered that I had a tiny smidge of hot pink chunky hanging around and that they would look bloody marvellous together. I was not wrong.

The fuchsias are forever crochet necklace was born.

Make one. Go on and then you too can look like a blousy summer flower. It's really easy to make, just using trebles and chains, relying solely on the fact that chunky yarn looks so damn good with simple stiches. All pattern terminology is UK.

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You will need a 10mm hook and some super chunky yarn, I am using Rico Essentials Super Super Chunky Yarn in the colour Berry and the pink scrap is Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky in the colour Azalea.

The necklace starts off with a circle but is worked back and forth.

Chain 5 and join in the round.

Row 1. Chain 3, 6 trebles into the circle, turn.

Row 2. Chain 4 , *2tr in next treble, 2ch, repeat from * to end, at end chain 1, 1tr. (5 clusters of 2 trebles plus 1 treble at either end).

Row 3. Chain 3, 1tr in next treble, *(2tr, 2ch, 2tr, 2ch) in 2 chain space, repeat from * 4 times, end with 2tr in last treble.

Row 4. Chain 3, 1tr between first 2 trebles, *2ch, (2tr, 2ch, 2tr) in 2ch space, repeat from * to end ending with 2ch, 1tr between last 2 trebles and 1tr in top of turning chain.

Break off main colour.

Join second colour at one end and work 1dc into each stitch evenly all the way around.

To create necklace, join preferred yarn colour at one end (I used the two colours entwined for part of my chain), chain for your desired length, attach at the opposite end et voila. One fuchsias are forever necklace for you.

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