crochet a wall hanging

I made this wall hanging on a bit of a whim to be honest. I had seen a few crocheted wall hangings on instagram and so when I saw a suitably gorgeous stick (yes, I just typed that), whilst out walking Tilly, I grabbed it, came home and was inspired.

I was also inspired by the amazing stitch pattern which is from Linda P. Schapper's awesome (frigging incredible) stitch patterns book, The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs available here. I just saw the pattern and new it would work for a wall hanging and so a wally star was born.

You can either watch the video tutorial for this pattern or make it using the written notes below, whatever suits you best, in the video tutorial I make a two pattern repeat hanging to make it easier to film but the written pattern is for the whole thing. Make sure you show off your finished designs on instagram or facebook and share them with me using the hashtag #potterandbloom so I can show them off for you too.


You will need four different colours of Debbie Bliss Roma, I used:

Citrus (08)

Hot Pink (15)

Duck Egg (09)

Lilac (13)

and a 10mm crochet hook, I used this one by Drops.

You will also need a suitably sized stick, some scissors and a yarn needle.

Starting with Citrus, chain 38.

Row 1. 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch5, skip nexxt 3ch, 1dc in next ch, ch11, 1tr in 8th ch from hook, 1tr in next 3ch, skip next 3ch (on foundation chain), 1dc in next ch, ch5, skip next 3ch, 1dc in next ch; repeat from * across, turn.

Row 2. ch6, ss into 3rd ch from hook (picot), ch2, *1dc in next ch5 loop, ch2, ((3tr, picot) 3 times, 3tr) in ch7 loop, ch2, 1dc in next ch5 loop**, ch3, picot, ch2; repeat from * across ending last repeat at **, ch2, picot, 1tr in last dc, turn.

Row 3. ch6, skip next two ch2 spaces, *(1dc, ch5) in each of next two picots, 1dc in next picot, ch2, skip next two ch2 spaces, 1dtr in next picot**, ch2, skip next two ch2 spaces; repeat from * across, ending last repeat at **, turn. Break off Citrus.

Row 4. Join in Hot Pink and ch1, 1dc in first dtr, skip next ch2 space, *ch5, 1dc in next ch5 loop, ch11, 1tr in 8th ch from hook, 1tr in next 3ch, 1dc in next ch5 loop, ch5, skip next ch2 space, 1dc in next dtr; repeat from * across ending with last dc in 4th ch of turning ch, turn.

Repeat rows 2 - 4 for pattern, changing colour at the end of row 3, and using Hot Pink, followed by Duck Egg and finishing with Lilac.

Sew in all ends and turn, attaching your Citrus section to your stick (I just tied the hanging on in three places), attach a piece of yarn for hanging and you are good to get wally.

If these instructions seem a bit crazy then you can always watch the video. Much easier I think even if it is a bit on the long side.