crochet cuff tutorial and pattern - oh my cuff - now with video tutorial

Now you can either follow the written pattern below or just watch the video, easy peasy.

Written pattern. 

Get yourself some yarn and a hook.

Any yarn will work for these but I think something mercerised is best because of the shiny coating which will make the cuff last a lot longer - you can go bigger for a chunkier cuff or smaller for a delicate version, which I think would look lovely and might try myself next - anything goes.  I'm using Rico Essentials Cotton DK which is ace and comes in loads of bright and fabulous colours.

The pattern is in UK terminology but all you have to do to convert to US is doubles instead of trebles.


1. chain 4.

2. slip stitch through first chain to form loop and chain 3.

3. into the loop work 2tr, 3ch, 3tr.

4. now chain 3 and turn.

5. work 3tr, 3ch, 3tr into the 3 chain space.

6.  then chain 3 and turn again.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach your desired length.  I do 13 or 14 reps but it all depends on your wrist size and/or how you want it to look.


You can finish your cuff however you like; with a ribbon, button or even some pretty press studs - finding pretty press studs is not as easy as you would like to think though.

If you want to make a button loop finish your final treble and slip stitch back towards the 3 chain space two or three times depending on the size of your button (I slip back three stitches), then chain however many you think will suit your chosen button (I chain 8) and slip stitch back into the other side. Ta da. you have a button loop.  Then attach your button to the other end and voila - simple, easy and oh my pretty cuff.

Hope this tutorial makes sense, let me know if you spot any mistakes and happy cuff making.

ps. I am now in a position to advise that mercerised cotton does not withstand the chewing of a seven month old baby!