free pattern | candy poncho

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This cute and colourful poncho was originally designed in 2015 as part of a collaboration and then I clean forgot about it. I’m not sure why, just check out the colours and my 2015 cutie pie - the 2019 version of this cute girl is also adorable only much taller and with more curls!

candy pop betsy 620.jpg

The pattern is now part of my £1.50 or free collection designed to allow people access to great knitting and crochet patterns with the option to pay if preferred. The paid for version has more information, is advert free and includes both UK and US crochet terminology but I’m happy for you to get your crochet on in whatever way you like so don’t think I’ll be mad if you only use the free version yo!

The amazing Schoppel Wolle yarn I used has a lovely felted texture that gives the most amazing stitch definition but it is fairly tricky to get hold of this brand outside of Germany so try something like Scheepjes Stonewashed XL which has a nice cotton/acrylic mix that gives the same sort of stitch definition or try something a bit different and mix up some Cygnet Yarns Boho Spirit Solids with some of the original multicoloured Cygnet Yarns Boho Spirit for a wild and colourful explosion of poncho-ness, because why not?

I also used a 5mm hook.


With your first colour chain 114.

Row 1. 1 treble (tr) into 4th chain (ch) from hook, 2tr, *ch1, miss 1ch, 3tr; repeat from * to end finishing with ch1, and slip stitch (ss) to top of beginning ch3. Now join your bottom chains together for my twist-free method of joining in the round (useful when you have a large amount of chains to join), and break off yarn.

You’ll have 28 granny clusters, place a marker in between cluster 14 and 15 (the halfway point) Join your new colour in the space where you joined with a ss on the previous round. You’ll have 14 clusters on each side.

Round 2. Ch2, 2tr in that first space, *ch1, 3tr in next sp; repeat all the way to the marker space, (3tr, 2ch, 3tr) in that space, *ch1, 3tr in next sp; repeat all the way round to end, finish with 3tr and 2ch in that starting space, join with a ss.

Repeat Round 2 for pattern, changing colours on every row or as you please and to the desired length. For this tiny poncho I worked 20 rounds.

Your finished poncho shouldn’t really require blocking but if you think it would suit the yarn you’re using then a light spray and block will work fine. Pom poms are entirely optional but I think they make the poncho look rather fabulous so I added two poms to the front V and two poms to the back.

candy pop poncho1 620.jpg

I hope you like this simple poncho pattern which I originally launched in October 2015. Please enjoy and share as much as you like but…..

…….please do note that this pattern is the copyright of Emma Potter/Potter & Bloom and may not be copied, reproduced or sold on in any way or form. Thank you.

ps. if you want more information on sizing, gauge, alternative yarns and the US version, please click here to buy the pattern PDF for £1.50.