the candy pop poncho

I got together with the lovely people at to create something bright, something crazy and something super awesome for toddlers and this pom pommy gorgeousness is the result.

We decided to use this fabulous, new to me, 100% merino wool yarn from Schoppel Wolle. The yarn has an unusual semi-felted texture which is the result of it being lightly steamed during the spinning process so it makes it lovely to work with and very high definition which shows up well on a granny stitch project like this. The colour range is gorgeous too, I couldn't resist.

My 1970's inspired poncho was a pretty standard item of clothing in my youth and patterning is fairly simple and probably hasn't changed since the 1970's either. Worked in the round and very straightforward the candy pop works up really quickly and really only needs three or perhaps four balls of the Reggae, I just happened to use seven because I could (and I wanted, no needed, all these colours!) plus pom poms!

The pattern is available for free at, visit now and get hooking 1970's style yo.

ps. if you don't have a toddler or small person to make this for I give all the details for sizing up, you know, if you fancied hooking yourself one.