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I know, I know, my timing is awful but back when Love Island was relevant (and on the actual telly), I bought the Love Island Mini Set from Alison at @biffsugaryarns and fell in love with it’s neon bikini brightness.

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Originally I was going to use the minis as part of my Nobody’s Perfect shawl but when I was podcasting about them a while ago I thought that perhaps they would be better put to use as socks. It was just a passing fancy but in the end I thought it would be rather splendid to design a pair of shorty socks, having never done so, and so it happened.

The pattern will work with any mini set or any fingering weight or 4ply yarn, you really don’t have to do these socks in stripes if you don’t want to, they will look just as scrummy in one colour and they are super comfortable too because I just wore them out, with my trainers, to walk the dog. Yahoo!

You will also need 2.5mm circular needles as this pattern is worked using the magic loop sock knitting method - you can of course use DPNs but the pattern is optimised for the magic loop method.


Cast on 60sts with your first colour and divide evenly across both needles.

Work 1x1 twisted rib for 8 rows. (1x1 twisted rib is k1tbl, p1).

Join next colour and start working heel flap - if you prefer a different heel please add that in here instead.

Row 1. s1, purl to end.

Row 2. sl, k1, repeat to end.

Repeat these two rows 16 times.

Continuing in your second colour turn your heel.

Row 1. s1, p16, p2tog, p1, turn.

Row 2. sl, k5, ssk, k1, turn.

Row 3. s1, p6, p2tog, p1, turn.

Continue in this manner increasing your knit and purl stitches by one on each row until all stitches have been worked and your heel is turned.

Pick up 16/17 stitches along first edge and then change to next colour and begin working in pattern across front of sock.

Stitch Pattern

  1. p3, k2

  2. knit

  3. p1, *k2, p3*

  4. knit

Work stitch pattern three times (12 rows) for each colour.

Enlight1001 2.jpg

Pick up stitches along second edge and knit across heel stitches to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1. (At this point you will start the gusset so ensure that your front 30 stitches which will be worked in pattern are on one needle and your other stitches on the other).

Round 1. Work across front stitches in pattern and then on your back needle k1, ssk, knit.

Round 2. Work across front stitches in pattern and then on your back needle knit to last 3sts, k2tog, k1.

Continue to decrease your gusset working these two rounds until you have 30 stitches on the back needle.

Then continue in pattern across the front and plain knitting across the back until you’ve worked seven stripes in total (or until the sock is the length you desire). For the toe, change colour again and knit two rounds. Then..

Round 1. front needle k1, ssk, knit to last three sts, k2tog, k1 - repeat across back needle.

Round 2. knit all stitches.

Repeat these two rounds three times then work Round 1 until you have 12sts remaining on each needle (or your preferred number of final toe stitches) and then kitchener your toe stitches together.


love island socks.jpg

The pattern will shortly be part of my £1.50 or free collection designed to allow people access to great knitting and crochet patterns with the option to pay if preferred. The paid for version has more detailed information and is advert free but I’m happy for you to get your knit on in whatever way you like so don’t think I’ll be mad if you only use the free version yo!

Please do note that this pattern is the copyright (2019) of Emma Potter/Potter & Bloom and may not be copied, reproduced or sold on in any way or form. Thank you.