knitted socks are meant for clogs

If you watch my podcast you will know that I have a 'thing' for knitting socks.

It's like now I know how to do it, I can't stop. The floodgates have opened and I am in knitted heaven, well my feet are anyway! It also feels like I finally have something to wear with my huge clog collection when the weather is not so warm, it's genius.

I have a particular love of white lacy socks, I think it reminds me of my youth....summer term at school wearing socks and sandals didn't seem quite so bad if those socks were white and lacy. These Mercury Socks by Kim Drotar are my current summer favourite and are made using the bestest, most hardy of sock yarns Regia 4-Ply in Super White.

The beauty of using a Regia sock yarn for white socks (or any socks really) is they can be bunged in the washing machine at 40 degrees and even tumble dried - but I haven't attempted that as yet and not sure I can bring myself to do it - being able to wash your hand knit socks in a washing machine is a BIG plus point and I highly recommend using Regia for your socks for that one reason.

The lace pattern for the Mercury Socks is simple and easy to remember and yet it looks intricate and difficult, like you've levelled up in the knitting world without having to do the leg (finger) work. Shhh don't tell anyone.

Mercury Socks

in Regia 4ply, Super White

My other favourite socks for clog wearing are these My First Socks from Sandra Paul, the talented designer behind Cherry Heart. Again this is a really simple pattern repeat but the finished look is superb and neat and lovely. These socks fit perfectly too with just the right amount of stretch to make my feet super happy.

My First Socks

in Countess Ablaze Bluefaced Baron Fingering, Ritual

The yarn I used for these socks is also perfection. Countess Ablaze has some amazing colours in her range and her Bluefaced Baron Fingering is super soft and perfect for socks even though it doesn't have any nylon so isn't officially classed as a sock yarn. These socks are seriously soft and I wear them more than I wear any of my other socks. Is it bad to have a favourite pair of socks? Will my other socks start to feel left out?

I'm currently making a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks using some lovely pink, Dance of Unicorns yarn from Hand Drawn Yarn on Etsy. This is the yarn that I accidentally (and serendipitously) ruined with a pink Pilot pen, more on this later. I'm also making my first pair of Dad socks for Darren using some of the Arne and Carlos designed self-patterning yarn from Regia. It's called Regia Design Line 4ply and is in the colour 02462 Tinn.

I'm also eyeing up another pair of lacy socks (I love them) and have some lovely light grey Drops Fabel that I've had hanging around for a while, I've never tried the Fabel yarn so am looking forward to that too.