episode 51 | socktober


I'm in the midst of an October sock obsession, somebody save me from the sock yarn!

All I'm making is socks, pretty blue ones, lary striped ones, self-patterning ones....can't get enough. I'm just rolling with it though, I feel like what you seek is seeking you - well that's what Rumi says anyway and I ain't never going to argue with Rumi.

Episode 51 Show Notes

People/Links/Yarn/Books Mentioned:

Ravelry Group for this podcast: http://bit.ly/2d3hSb6


Malta Socks - these are self-designed using a pretty dot stitch from 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft. I'm using 2.25mm needles and Aegean Sea sock yarn from Betsy Makes on Etsy.

Mum Socks - easy peasy vanilla socks for car knitting using Regia Design Line 4ply in the colour Nissedal by Arne & Carlos.

London Socks - lary striped socks using the amazing Mind The Gap yarn from Trailing Clouds on Etsy.

I'm also re-knitting my Star Whorls socks on 2.5mm needles, because, Goldilocks, and using Blame Fawkes sock yarn from Made By Black Elephant on Etsy.

When Designs Go Wrong

I'm sad to say that Charlotte is finally being permanently retired but she stresses me out and I don't think she's worth it anymore. Bye Charlotte.

I'm not sure if my chevron scarf has gone wrong now, I think I will be working on that one again soon because it looked so good on screen! Ha! I'm using De Rerum Natura Ulysses in a variety of colours for this project.

New Stuff

My new project bags are both from Cotswold Outdoors which is a outdoorsy, tent paradise for those who like the camping, ie, not me.

The main Cottonflower Yarn website can be found here http://www.mk-hobby-shop.de/