episode 50 | I'm finished!


You will not believe how much finishing I've done this last fortnight, well maybe you will believe it but I can't. This is mainly because I have also been obsessively binge watching The Tudors on Netflix whilst reading the first in a new series of books about Henry VIII's six wives, too much amazing, I can't tear myself away.

The book series I'm reading is by Alison Weir and is called Six Tudor Queens, I'm currently reading Katherine of Aragon and I have Anne Boleyn out of the library and ready to go, ooh she's a strumpet that one!

Episode 50 Show Notes

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Ravelry Group for this podcast: http://bit.ly/2d3hSb6

Finished Objects

I haven't used a pattern to knit Darren's Dad Socks except for the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I cast on 72 stitches, knitted a plain, vanilla sock and made extra wide toes (for His Hobbitness!). The sock yarn I used is Regia Design Line 4 ply in Tinn 02462 available here.

I finally finished my Match & Move by Martina Behm. I started this one back in the spring so it was good to get it off my needles. It's such an amazing pattern and I highly recommend it for a nice, jolly and simple knit. I used Blacker Yarns Tamar Lustre Blend 4ply in the colours Gwindra (undyed), Lynher (dark grey) and Tiddy Brook (chartreuse to the moose).

I also finished Liula II this week and I went full cake for this one! I love the intensity of the colour difference from the light peach to the dark red, I'll be swooning over Cottonflowers Yarn forever probably. The full cake makes a magnificent stole length of 2.36m and I worked from the outside in which made using every last scrap of yarn much easier. If you want details of the #CAKECAL you can find them here and note that the end date has now changed to 14 November 2017 with prizes being drawn on the 15th, hurrah!



You can see me on the real life telly in How To Be Epic @ Everything which is on the CBBC channel. You can catch it on the iplayer here but I think this might be UK only.

My gloriously spoddy Back To School Scarf is in Inside Crochet, Issue 93. It uses my favourite vintage stitch, the Elizabeth Stitch, and Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in grey and maroon.

New Stuff

I have a load of lovely new vintage stitch books, my favourite is A Complete Guide To Crochet Stitches by Mary M. Dawson.

I also received the new Woods knitting book from the Making Stories girls, one of whom is NOT called Svetlana!