crochet a star

Because its Christmas and because I've started to make (and enjoy making) video tutorials, I revisited my tiny star pattern and zhushed it up - yes I just used the word zhush which sounds much better than it looks eh?

If you fancy making some stars for Christmas you can watch the video tutorial and enjoy my dulcet tones, it's awesome.

Or following the written pattern below. Either way you're onto a winner cos these stars just got to shine baby!


Easy Star Pattern

Create a magic loop and ch3.

Round 1. 9tr into the magic loop, pull tight and join with a ss.

Round 2. *ch4, 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into next ch, 1tr into last ch from hook, join with a ss to next stitch (this anchors your point) and ss into next st to be in the right place for your next point; repeat from * four more times.

Break off yarn, sew in ends. Block if required. 

You might find these stars easier to make if you use a slightly heavier weight yarn. The yarn I used for these pretties is Caron Simply Soft which is very lovely and doesn't require blocking at all. Nope, not one little bit. Which is brilliant if you want a festive garland and you want it NOW!

Happy Christmas crocheting dudes and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you watch my videos because I need some friends (I'm actually asking for friends, I have reverted back to the playground, heaven help me).