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A perfect little present for a summer baby, these cotton baby hats are cool and comforting and ever so teeny tiny, just right for a newborn.

I used the aran weight Drops Paris with a 4mm hook but you can use any aran weight yarn you like, even some baby acrylic for added warmth and softness will work, something like Sirdar Supersoft Aran (the pretty blue and pretty pink are perfect baby colours) or Stylecraft Special Baby Aran which is really soft and comes in a range of pretty baby-friendly tones.



Using a 4mm hook and your chosen colour yarn ch62.

Row 1. 4tr in third chain from hook, *miss 2ch, 1dc in next ch, 3ch, miss 2ch, 4tr in next ch; repeat from * to last 5ch, skip 2ch, 1dc in next ch, ch3 and join with a ss to top of first treble.

*This is my method of working in the round as I find it eliminates the nightmare of a twisted chain! Once you have joined your ch3 to the top of the first tr you should have 2ch remaining along the bottom of your work, at the end you will join these two trebles to the base of the starting 5tr group and everything will look hunky dory, I promise!

Round 2. ch1, 1dc in same place (the first treble), 3tr in dc, ch3, *1dc in first tr, 3tr in dc, ch3; repeat from * to end, join with a ss to beg. ch1.

Round 3. ch3, 3tr in dc, miss 2tr, 1dc in third treble, ch3, *4tr in dc, miss 2tr, 1dc in third treble, ch3; repeat from * to end, join with a ss to top of beg. ch3.

Repeat Rounds 2 and 3 twice more ending on a Round 2.

Decrease Round 1. ch3, *1tr into centre of 3tr cluster, 2tr in 3ch space, repeat from * all the way round, join with a ss to top of beg. ch3.

Dec. Round 2. ch3, tr2tog all the way round.

Dec. Round 3. ch3, tr2tog all the way round.

Break off yarn and use the tail of yarn to sew the top together.

orange bonny.jpg

Making up

Optional: make a contrasting colour pom pom and attach to the top of your bonny hat.

Sew in all ends and place on a small pixie.

No blocking should be required.

I hope you like this pretty baby pattern which I originally launched in 2015. This year (2019) is the year where I am starting to add the option to either buy for a nominal amount (£1.50) or alternatively get certain patterns for free in the hope of making crochet patterns more accessible for everyone so please enjoy and share as much as you like.

Please do note that this pattern is the copyright of Emma Potter/Potter & Bloom and may not be copied, reproduced or sold on in any way or form. Thank you.