how to crochet v-stitch lattice

I decided to try out some openwork stitches and this nice, structured v-stitch lattice caught my eye. It's super easy to work and because it uses double trebles for the v-stitch, works up really quickly too.


Chain in multiples of 3 plus 6.

Row 1. (1dtr, 1ch, 1dtr) in 7th chain from hook, *skip 2ch, (1dtr, 1ch, 1dtr) in next ch; repeat from * to last 2ch, skip 1ch, 1dtr in last ch1, turn.

Row 2. miss 1st st, 1dc in each dtr and ch1 space across ending with 1dc in 6th ch of turning chain, ch3, turn.

Row 3. miss 1st two sts, *(1dtr, 1ch, 1dtr) in next st (this should be the middle of the previous row's v-stitch), skip 2sts; repeat from * across ending with skipping the last st and working 1dtr in the top of the turning chain.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

Happy crocheting YO!