march, untangled | 2018

"we've just been Mercury retrograded, so much."

What a month. March is a BIG month in the calendar anyway, with the spring equinox coinciding with the move from mellow, old soul, Pisces energy into manic, fiery, newborn Aries energy. But this year its energy was intensified a thousandfold because of having two full moons and Mercury retrograding on the 23rd. It has been exciting and wild and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wonder how your March was?


Live Awake - you can find Sarah Blondin on the Insight Timer app or alternatively on itunes podcasts or YouTube. Her meditation on Healing Through Letting Go is my absolute favourite; her voice, her words, the creativity behind each well thought out meditation. Please listen, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do. You can also find her website at

Tarot for the Wild Soul - with Lindsay Mack. Another amazing podcast, another amazing woman. I found Lindsay through spending a lot of time searching for tarot teachers and she is one of my favourites. I always, always listen to her Monthly Medicine podcast and April's episode has just come out, it's really good. Lindsay's website is


The Aquarian Tarot - my favourite deck, my first deck, my soul deck. These are the cards I reach for most of the time, they sit by my bed and I feel guided and comforted by them at all times, in fact this is the one deck that has never given me bad woo woo.

It's not a cool deck, and I hardly ever see it used by other card slingers but I love the bold art deco imagery and especially the colours that David Palladini used. I also really like the fact that it's a proper hippie deck, being launched in 1970. You can get it on amazon, which just feels weird right? and it now comes in a snazzy tin, here is the link

Gardening & Reading

This year I really want to try and give gardening a go, I am slightly (massively) intimidated by our very long garden but I hoped that these books would help me to at least get it looking a bit prettier, and more English country garden, this year.

I'm hoping these books will help:

Selina Lake, Garden Style - very inspirational, slightly intimidating (how did these people get their gardens to look this good), and good value for a coffee table.

Lucy Bellamy, A Garden From Scratch in a Year - yes, yes, I know! In my dreams, right? But a girl has got to start somewhere, especially with the huge expanses of lawn outside my doors just waiting to be planted up with something pretty.

The March Merkababox also had a gardening, earthy theme and came with a great book called The Handmade Apothecary I took this as a further sign that I should get a move on with my gardening, it's full of great ways to use plants to make lovely healing things.



And finally I confess to my long standing obsession with incense, in particular to the delights of the Satya incense brand. They are all widely available on amazon, none of them give me a headache, they all smell gorgeous (and I should know, I have selection boxes stashed all around my house), and my favourites are Nag Champa, Super Hit and the beautifully light and summery Positive Vibes.

That's it for this month, if you want to watch the video you can do so by joining the Patreon community here.