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Episode 38 Show Notes

People/Links/Yarn/Books Mentioned:

Ravelry Group for this podcast: http://bit.ly/2d3hSb6

Parallel Bars Shawl from Annaboo's House: http://bit.ly/2pl8oOK

My Star Whorls sock pattern is coming soon. Using yarn from Made By Black Elephant in Blame Fawkes.

The re-purposed Mayan Squares are made from Drops Alpaca in a variety of colours.

The Crescent Shawl I'm designing is crocheted with Blacker Yarns Samite Silk Blend 3ply in Aspen's Shiver, Iron Hills and Eternal Day.

The tutorial I used to learn how to do crochet short rows is by Vashti Braha and is available here.

Dance of Unicorns (that I ruined) by Hand Drawn Yarn on Etsy. Pink Pilot V ball pens available here (if you fancy dyeing your yarn that way too :)! http://amzn.to/2pVSXcC

Hinterland on the BBC IPlayer (watch for much brooding and long stares)!

My embroidered top is from Zara.

You can watch the podcast here or if you are an email subscriber click here to watch this episode as the embedded video link doesn't usually work.

Happy #yarnlife YO!