the diamond heart throw story


I have been wanting to try mosaic crochet for a long time, for the longest time. In fact I did try it ages ago but failed to really grasp the concept so put it to one side and forgot about it until now.

Because now mosaic crochet is currently having a big moment and there are some amazing patterns out there (some REALLY amazing patterns out there), but I had always thought I was too busy, too unmotivated, too blah to actually do it. I’m not a massive fan of learning new things, especially when I’m in a stubborn, belligerent state of mind, which can be quite often, I won’t lie.

But this year is the year of trying out new things and I had started seeing Esme’s work a bit more around the community. She has designed for ages, especially for UK crochet magazines, but not on instagram and so when she starting popping up in my feed as @redsparrowcrochet I was instantly smitten with her work.

She’s got a cool, geometric aesthetic and her designs are amazingly modern and exciting (ooh I am such a fan girl). I was excited to try this pattern out, in fact I had to buy it immediately and I’ve also got her new Neon Fizz pattern too but that was gifted to me from Esme because she’s lovely, did I mention that already?

Well, I wasn’t disappointed, the pattern is simple in so much as it only consists of well placed doubles and trebles and the instructions are clear with lots of good information about the where, what and why.

It comes with a chart and line by line full written instructions, which is my preference, I don’t know why but I just find it much easier to understand what’s going on when I have a line of instructions that I can tick off once I’ve completed the row. I am old-fashioned about these things and I don’t mind admitting it either.

Esme gives you the starting multiple so if you want to make a smaller throw (like I did), it is easy to do so and whilst it looks like it’s going to be an incredibly difficult pattern, it’s weirdly really easy and quite bloody relaxing, wahoo!

However, even though the instructions are clear, the explanation of how to do this style of mosaic crochet (there are other ways to do it) is clear, there really is no room for error, I still buggered it up. Yep. I can’t believe it either.


But, and here’s the good bit, even though I did get it wrong, it still looks fabulous. Ha! How good is that!

So this pattern is basically foolproof and I am the proof (and the fool most probably).


I worked a smaller version of the pattern and used Sirdar Snuggly in Petal Pink (212) and Stylecraft Special DK in Gold (1709) (fabulous, fabulous colour). I used a 4mm hook and it took me about three weeks to make the throw. It’s quite small and cute and so we are using it as a rug in Betsy’s bedroom. She loves it too.


The diamond heart throw is by Esme Crick otherwise known as Red Sparrow Crochet and you can buy the pattern in her Etsy shop here or check her blog out here.