wild times with a pinch of bizness thrown in for good measure

We are living the wild times.

We are the proud and knackered owners of a three year old who decides exactly what she is going to wear every morning, who has worn down our resolve and now sleeps firmly wedged horizontally between us (I always end up with the kicky feet end!). A girl who eats fish fingers every day but refuses to eat chocolate (weird). A girl who can have a full conversation with you about interesting stuff but then tells you exactly how big her bogey was and which nostril it came from. It is both exhilarating and exhausting, I love it.

This week she made me swoon by asking to wear her crochet dress, how could I refuse. She then proceeds to team it with green florals, the nicest navy spotty tights I've ever seen and red shoes! She is a style genius. I want this outfit. I would totally wear it. Every freaking day yo!

But Betsy isn't the only #girlboss in this house. Nope. We are both kicking some serious ass at the moment; her in the manner of demanding attention and getting it (she is hoppity boosh for sure), and me in the manner of developing a more business-minded approach to my freelancing career.

Me? Business minded? Crikey. I never thought I would be even remotely thinking these thoughts especially when there are more important things to think about like dinner, Rick from the Walking Dead and wine. But a chance meeting with another crochet entrepreneur led to a discussion in which she told me that she doesn't do anything, not one thing, unless she sees direct and immediate revenue potential in it. 

Initially I was a bit taken aback (I crochet for love man, peace out and all that shiz) but then I was all like, oh yeah, penny-finally-drops, you are the freaking girlboss, I love you. In the two weeks since I met her I have shaken down Potter & Bloom towers, fired all the work-shy versions of me and actually thought about revenue streams, rev.en.ue streams?!?! It turns out there are many of these things that can earn me money if I just get my shit together for long enough to switch them on. I have finally become a fucking grown up. Hallelujah!

Nothing much changes around these parts, a couple of patterns that were free are no longer, although if you email me and whisper sweet nothings to my inbox I expect I'll send it to you anyway (Alan Sugar I am not). I'm still working on free patterns but putting equal time into paid ones and potentially doing more 'learn to crochet' posts too.

It's got to be said that a right kick up the bum was overdue, this past year has seen me move from completely not freelancing one little bit to working every day and getting paid for it. I'm sure my brain lag is entirely due to above mentioned sleeping arrangements (rather than my love affair with El Pinsapo), but I'm there now. Wish me luck.

Just remember Aunt Frances* has got your back "My darling girl, when are you going to realise that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage".

Keep it freaky girlfriends.

*Practical Magic, chick flick heaven even if Nicole Kidman is in it.