why it's good to be an introvert

 // gemma correll //

// gemma correll //

Introverts get bad press.

Often thought of as cardigan wearing social misfits who deliberately avoid people and make excuses to avoid social engagements to instead sit at home in their pyjamas, introverts aren't rude or obnoxious or evil, we just need to be alone to recharge our batteries. That is all.

Extroverts get their energy from other people and love being out and about and amongst it all, sucking all that good stuff in. Introverts are the exact opposite, getting their energy drained by the aforementioned extroverts with some people and situations siphoning if off faster than others, energy exchange bad shit right there my friends. 

That's not to say we don't like being social, it's just when the energy has all gone and there is nothing left in the well, we have to scurry home to charge up with the aide of a book, movie or some other delicious solitary activity.

I get the bad press. The world is skewed in favour of extroverts, making introvert qualities seem somehow less desirable. We are often told to get out there, make small talk, be with people, as if that would somehow make us happier when all we need to be happy is Netflix, knitting and chocolate.

I've decided to redress the balance and point out all the good things about being an introvert. Hurrah introverts unite! Obviously in our own homes and via the internet because anything involving getting dressed means the answer is no.

Why it's good to be an introvert.

//  you're comfortable on your own, even for extended periods of time, which means you'll be alright cometh the zombie apocalypse.

//  you can dream it up like Walter Mitty, and good dreaming equals good shit happening.

//  you think it's important to discover who you really are and the world needs more of that shizzle.

//  you don't need to seek external approval.

//  solitude is the basis of all good creation.

//  you can plan the arse off everyone.

//  you make your own happiness instead of finding other people to make it with.

//  you are highly intuitive, often knowing things without really knowing how or why.

//  you are extremely anti-bullshit and can detect a fraud a mile off.


Are you an introvert? Do you find yourself having to explain why you don't want to do something and never quite finding the right words (the right words being "I just don't want to")?

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