So this happened yesterday, after months of simmering away behind the scenes, the #crochetgirlgang is now go, go, GO!

You might be wondering what I'm even talking about (you probably are), especially if you don't follow me on instagram, erm...why don't you follow me on instagram?, so I thought I would try to explain where the girlgang comes from, what it's all about and why I think it's so important.

The crochet community is huge and getting bigger all the time, it's such a wonderful place to be. So much colour, creativity and talent, so many people learning how to crochet, getting better at crocheting and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a hook and some wool. I absolutely freaking love it.

I have made some incredible friends and connections through this craft and I feel supported and inspired by these people on a daily basis. When you work in a creative industry, especially one where you are designing something, you are putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable every day.

You might be sitting on the bus crocheting, posting something on instagram that you've made, sending a crocheted gift to a friend or emailing a design pitch to a magazine. It doesn't matter what it is, whatever you're doing takes courage girl, real courage and this is where the girlgang comes in. A support network of people who are going to clap you on the back and say well done girlface, you did good. This network is particularly important when you work from home, are introverted as fuck and spend most of your time socialising with a small child.

So why a girlgang and not a persongang? Well, as you know I am a raging feminist and make no mistake. I believe that all women are incredible creatures who should get medals daily for the shit they go through growing up. It's only when you get a bit older and you realise how skewed the world is in favour of men that you feel the urge to fight back (well I do anyway). Accordingly I feel the need to make my social spaces - instagram mainly but also twitter, facebook and snapchat - happy, positive places that celebrate sisterhood ALWAYS. I want to promote solidarity amongst my sisters, girls supporting and loving one another instead of bitching and throwing shade. It's not a difficult mission statement, there's only one rule of the girlgang, be NICE!

Enough ranting now, for whilst I am a pro-girlgang and celebrating what it is we do, there is no real ulterior motive to the #crochetgirlgang, it's just a place to share and celebrate our crochet achievements and big up our crochet gal pals. Emma, the fabulous crochet designer from Steel & Stitch is helping me to moderate the instagram account and make sure we share as many photos as possible so get cracking, use the hashtag for anything you want us to see, spread the word amongst your own girlgangs and start following us so you don't miss a thing.

Happy girlgang crocheting yo!