three quick ways to confront your fears (and get shit done)


Anyone who says they're never scared is lying, either that or a slacker. If you don't do shit that scares you then you're not living, not even a little bit. Breathing maybe but not living.

I'm usually not terrible about doing things that scare me, most of the time I'll just say fuck it and go for it. I say most of the time because there was this one time on holiday in Turkey when I was too scared to jump off a really high swimming platform into the sea and I always bloody regret that. I still think about that platform now; what would it have felt like, would I have belly flopped (yes), would my bikini have stayed on (once a slide at Center Parcs ripped my bikini bottoms clean off, yes, I know), would some sharp bit of coral or flesh eating fish have got me? Probably not.


So in honour of my determination to get some shit done this year, I tried and tested these tips out for yo!

1.  write about your fears and declare them to the world, well to your journal anyway, it somehow reduces their power although I'm not sure Mr Super High Turkish Swimming Platform would have had any power reduced by anything, not even me writing about it on a postcard home, I mean this platform was freaky HIGH. If I'm really obsessing over something I'm scared of doing I will usually have a conversation with it in my journal, it goes a little something like this; why am I scared of you? (MSHTSP says in Brian Blessed baritone 'because I will break your neck little girl from England'),  what is it about you that I find so scary, what can I do to make you less scary, what exactly is the fear here, is it real or imagined?

2.  make friends with your fears, they are imaginary after all.  I particularly like the idea of accepting you're a scaredy cat and just going with the flow, see what happens, being yourself. I think the whole world likes to see a bit of vulnerability, it makes us more human. Being scared sometimes is perfectly normal, unless its something like the zombie apocalypse that you're pooing your pants about and then that isn't normal. No way. Get help.

3.  say fuck it and do it anyway. This post could have been a lot shorter because really this is the only advice I ever take when confronted with something I'm scared of. Every single time, I have the conversation, I explore the possibilities, I make friends with the damn fear ball and after all that I always come back to saying fuck it. The next thing that always trips off my lips after saying fuck it is 'what's the worst that can happen?' It's like a mantra; fuck it, what's the worst that can happen? fuck it, what's the worst that can happen? and so on, etc, shit gets done. Somehow.

Do you feel less afraid? Are my guru skills shining?