the rebel in me

Keri Smith (of Wreck This Journal fame) must have written this manifesto to sooth the hearts of rebellious fucks like me.

I can't express the joy it gives me (but I'm about to try), to read advice that confirms that school (organised education) is bollocks, I feel the same way about organised religion too. Nothing good ever came from anything overly 'organised' for indeed to be thus, one must conform to a certain set of rules. And what are rules for? Breaking of course. Duh.

Organised education teaches our children to perform in order to gain access to a world where earning money to pay the rent is the only thing that matters (depresses me just to think of it), I wish that schools would focus on other stuff too. My Mum was taught to knit at school, they should definitely bring that back and cancel double physics.

Well this post is not supposed to be about my opinions on the educational system (I could rant on the subject for quite a bit though), rather my opinion on being a bit different, a bit of a rebel. And actually the fact that if we (and by we, I mean women) just do what we want to do, wear what we want to wear, eat what we want to eat and just do stuff we love instead of stuff we're expected to do then we are often labelled as rebellious. Joan Jett calls it.

Something (school, peer pressure, the media, what?) leads us to believe that going against the grain is a bad thing, especially for kids. I feel a bit sorry for the youth really because it's a sad truth that you only feel comfortable enough to be who you really are once you get quite a bit older. Whenever I'm musing on this I always think of Marcus in About A Boy and his gorgeous haircut and hand knitted outfits, I wonder what Marcus would be doing/wearing now, I expect that Will corrupted him and made him feel he had to wear cool clothes and be a dude, yep.

I particularly love Manifesto Number 8 - Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out into the world even if it scares the shit out of you. A bloggers dream quote, a justification that spouting your opinion is important, especially because sometimes it feels a bit pointless.

We were watching something on the telly yesterday and this guy (Jonathan Strange) says to his wife "I had forgotten how quarrelsome you are" and I thought, oh that would describe me perfectly...quarrelsome. Darren agreed (no point denying it), and I felt quite pleased with this epithet, it suits me mighty fine and I feel sad that I spent so many years trying to deny it. It isn't so much that we should be a quarrelsome lot but rather that we should form our own opinions and love them, we should investigate and question, not be silly fat dumb-dumbs who sit on our arses wondering where it all went wrong.

I had friends (note the past tense) who told me I would be far more agreeable to the opposite sex if I wasn't quite so combative. Oh fuck off you daft bitches, keep yourself and your dumbed down opinions away from me and especially away from my kick-ass girl child.

For kick-ass she is and kick-ass she shall be, although today she did tell me off for beeping my horn at a lorry driver who tried to squash us into the central reservation on the motorway "no mummy, you are not allowed to beep your horn", to which I replied that I would rather beep my horn than be squashed. This caused our first 'proper' no/yes argument ending with me acting the role of the child, saying petulantly "don't tell me what to do", she is two and three quarters, she killed it. My gorgeous rebel child. My work here is most definitely done.

I think what I'm trying to say is embrace the rebel in you, exercise your voice, forget about other people and their opinions for they don't matter to you and your precious life, definitely deviate from the norm, wear groovy knitted hats and sing with your eyes closed. Life is short. Tick, tick, tick...