is tidying up life changing?

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I've mentioned this book before and was so intrigued after that post I had to buy it even though I don't consider myself to be a really cluttery/collectory person (although ask me about my yarn collection and I will hunt you down!).

I've always prided myself on being a good thrower (bit puffy chested about this for sure), I'm often chucking stuff out and I like it. I find de-cluttering quite therapeutic and I'm definitely not sentimental about 'stuff'. Already this year I've sold/given away all my CDs, most of my magazines and pretty much all of Betsy's baby clothes. I'm a bad ass tidy person yo! and I hadn't even read the book at this point. Marvellous.

Or so I thought. Then I read Marie's book and was amazed at how wrong, oh dear how wrong I was. Like wow! I am so in the shit, I am drowning in a sea of incredibly unnecessary clutter and I didn't even know it. Marie is the guru of tidy, a magical master of folding clothes and chucking crap out. I am in awe.

She works as a tidying guru (stop for a minute and think about how incredible that one fact is), going round to people's houses and helping them to tidy their unnecessarily-filled lives up. She says that most of the time people think they have a storage problem, not a over-consumption problem (yep), but she believes we all have exactly the right amount of storage in our homes, we just have TOO MUCH STUFF! I hear you girlfriend.

And so it has begun.

I am on a mission to konmari my house (that's what it's called, konmari, I know!), I have started with my clothes, so far it has been awesome but I have yet to reach the shoe cupboard(!) or the bookshelves(!!). Clothes are easy, you pretty much know what items you love, what looks awful, what doesn't fit, what has holes in plus you know that the more you throw the more room you're making in your life for new things. I've also done my make up (chucked a lot) but have dithered over my nail varnish because I love it so and I have lots - Marie's keep test is if you hold something and you feel that it gives you joy then you should keep it. Pretty nails make me joyful, word, every single bottle of the stuff.

I have had a few wobbly moments with trinkets and keepsakes but ultimately what's the point of keeping all that stuff. The memory is in your heart, not in a thing or object and anyway we all die and someone, some poor fucker, is going to have to come and clear that crap away for you and it will probably (definitely) end up in the bin anyway. So on that cheery note (good vibes only people), clear your junk cupboards out now, protect your children from the job of doing it - yeah, I sense a good advertising campaign coming along for this.

Now go and tidy your fucking room.

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