ten things to remember - january


Ten lovely things to remember in this, the chilly but wonderful month of new beginnings. My particular favourite and the one that hit me in the gut the hardest is number 10. The minute you have to explain yourself to someone who just doesn't get it, is the minute you should walk away. Smile and wave by all means but get the fuck away, and quickly.

1.  energy flows where intention goes.

2.  you are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.

3.  thoughts become things.

4.  ignore people who threaten your joy.

5.  your fear is full of shit.

6.  prove yourself to yourself, not others.

7.  optimism is a happiness magnet.

8.  let it go.

9.  you're something between a dream and a miracle.

10.  a person only hears what they understand.