favourite stuff this week 27.04.15

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Being a vegetarian just got more interesting with this cookbook, and Anna's website, I love being so damn modern and veggie fine.

This very cute and totally free crochet baby hat pattern is pom-tiddly-pom-pom delicious, a crochet designer after my own heart.

And talking of which, getting my first pattern published in this magazine (my most favourite crochet magazine) has made me really happy.

Pink has always been one of my favourite gals and this response to internet haters is one of the best ever. I loves her, I thought she looked gorgeous when I saw that picture.

This kid

This tarot deck is too freaking cool, I want it so bad, all that energy, all those good vibes.

I'm considering getting one of these for the garden, might just be a tiny bit over-ambitious for such a novice gardener but Monty made it look easy on Gardener's World last week. Just saying.

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