how to be a brilliant part-time blogger, full-time mama


Scribble everywhere. Every bloody where.

Scribble over books, notepads, diaries, journals, duvet covers, furniture. Everything. Scribble is Betsy's way of helping, she told me. I like it. Not so much on the duvet and furniture but I like it nonetheless.

She can't escape the lure of the pen, they are everywhere in this house. I try to rustle my annoyed face when I see her diving into the pencil case for the fifth time in a day, but I can't manage it. It's my way of life so of course she is going to want to be part of it too. I just wish she'd let me do at least one picture in her colouring book all by myself as a return favour.

So how do I make it work?

1. Take advantage of their need for sleep. As a blogger, I can pretty much work whatever hours I want so most of my work is done when Betsy is napping or in the evening. This means I can only really expect to write part-time because being a mum is my full-time job. I'm okay with that, if I could manage to get more hours in a day I would but I can't even attempt to open the laptop when Betsy is around. That would be asking for trouble. She is obsessed, not only with the 'puter' but with the number 8, repeatedly pressing it until I can no longer deal. Trying to work when Betsy is like repeatedly banging your head against a very hard, very rustic brick wall.

2. Use old school methods. So instead of getting the laptop out, if I get time I'll write stuff down. Betsy is far less interested in me writing, occasionally she will come and 'help' me with her scribble but for the most part she would rather watch Rastamouse/eat ricecakes/play picnics. Obvs. and so I can get quite a bit of content written, posts planned and changes made to my editorial calendar. That way, when she goes down for her nap I can get right down to it, type up copy quickly and fit a whole lot more stuff in that magical hour and a half.

3. Plan like a pro. I'm talking some serious planning. My editorial calendar is planned four weeks in advance and no I'm not kidding and no I'm not even happy with that. I would much prefer a six week schedule, six weeks would be so dreamy I would skip, not walk, everywhere. To plan I use a calendar notebook with monthly schedule space so I can plot out the entire month and then figure out what the hell it is I'm going to say. This usually takes the form of me scribbling down anything that comes into my head, things I've read, inspiration from pinterest, twitter, tumblr. I sketch out what I'm going to write and when and then start preparing posts with notes/quotes/poems etc. Once the post is pretty much mapped out I will then type it up. Dinosaur. Rawr.

4. Be kind to yourself. There are those days that I wish I could spend all day working. There are other days where I would rather poke cocktail sticks in my eyes than sit down to write a blog post. It's all good, it's just a case of remembering to not beat yourself up about anything, about what you can and can't achieve on any given day. My priority is Elizabeth, I know that, she most certainly knows that and because we know, that's how I make this work, I prioritise her. Yeah I would love to be out there mixing it up with the young kids, the mega bloggers, the super creative people out there creating amazing content all day, every day, but I'm happy with how I make it work. I'm happy that I get to spend my day being Betsy's mum, there is nothing better.


Do you juggle parenting with blogging, writing, working for yourself? Do you find it easy/hard? Any tips?

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