new moon intention setting

 image copyright Ezzie Spencer

image copyright Ezzie Spencer

Not to be whiney or anything, which of course means I'm about to do just that, but I have been under the weather for ages. All sorts of ailments keep knocking at my door and for the past month I've been laid low by a variety of varying degrees of horrible. A bad knee, a horrendous cold, nasty throat infection, blocked ears, bad eyes....blah, blah, boring blah, the list goes on. I have had enough of being sick. Really.

This week I realised that I'm finally feeling much better. I'm happier and more able to be a normal human being again for sure, might have something to do with the unseasonably warm weather in Blighty, 23c in mid-April is like, WOW, but I really think it's because I've got some fire in my belly after a long time of damp embers.

So, in order to snap out of whiney bitch mode, which I think lengthens illness anyway, I looked to the moon, yes, the moon. Me and the moon are buddies, I follow lunar cycles, I keep notes in my diaries about new and full moons, I gaze up at it in awe most nights (we have big windows) and I've got myself a bit of a moon face (does that count?). I found - much to my delight and doesn't that always happen when you believe in magic? - this great moon babe via her intention setting chart on pinterest and with the new moon tomorrow I started squeeing with delight.

I need a new breath of swooshy life to give my potential a kick up the bum. I've got plans, I've got stuff to do and I've got disorder in my house and my head. It needs sorting, I need to turn up the heat and get a move on if I want to fulfil those plans, make some things happen, go some places I've never been (metaphorically because you know, outside is overrated). So tomorrow I am setting my intentions, I'm going to feel my intentions and I'm going to go out and bloody get my intentions, smack 'em on the ass and haul them back home.

And I know it will happen too because I've got lady lunar on my side. Don't be messing with no moon bitch yo!

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